• Information About Company
  • Aims and the working strategy of the Company
  • Economic Activity of the Company:
    • Main Activity:
    • Halal Meat;
    • Halal Meat Canning
  • Company’s manufacturing product– Canned Hallal Meat
  • Company’s plans for future – Processed and canned Halal meat other than beef


  • SIA Old Riiga is a new company,which is

active since August of 2015

  • Abdo Inan is the solely owner of the Company, at the same time he is the only member of the board with the right to represent the company


Information about Company


  • The Company operates according to the ceritificate issued by the Muslim community “Maka”

Company’s purpose is to be competitive in Europen’s, as well as World’s, industry of “Halal”


Company’s strategy is to produce the best taste, natural processed meat products gained

according to Islamic methods, trying to have the highest quality standards, without conservants and geneticly modified components. To work honest, opened and transparent way.



Company’s basic activity is to produce

“Halal” meat products, canning and its realization


In our companys’ production we use just and only

Halal meat, which are gathered after correct religious slaughtering ways of Islamic tradition. “Halal” products do not have only religious meaning,    but   also   answering    to  nowaday

ecologic requirements. Depending to scientists from USA, this way the meat is the most healty, because it has no blood, harmful substances or fear hormon which is found in animals slaughtered traditional way.










In our company process start with finding and buying the cow – bull from the local Latvian owner.

Purchased animals are slaughtered in PVD certified slaughterhouse, where ritual slaughtering experts are working.


Carcases are deboned, fat, tendons, skin etc are




For Company’s products – all pieces of the beef carcas are used, including; chop, langets, entrecote etc., which are stored freshly in vacuum, not frozen.


The company has a cooperation with one of the local canning companies recognized by PVD in the manufacturing of canned foods.

Both companies are in cooparation to provide canning-sterilization at the high level quality.


Sterilization is done according to “Old Riiga” regulations, based on Halal product preparing methods.

Canning is done according to “Old Riiga”

special recipes.


SIA Old Riiga Economic work “Halal” Meat Canning Production


Owner of the Company is participating during all stages of sterilization, starting with dividing the meat, its processing, as well as by animals’ selection, buying and categorizing.


SIA Old Riiga Economic Work

“Halal” Meat Canning Production


Cans are prepared only from the fat free/ red meat, which is ecological and without any adjustments, blood and fat.




Prepared meat, depending on type and buyer’s request, is filled in the following size cans:

  • 110 gr can;
  • 320 gr can;
  • 525 gr can



“Halal” Meat Canning Production


SIA Old Riiga Economic work

Halal” Meat Canning Production


SIA Old Riiga Economic work

Halal” Meat Canning Production


Length of sterialization is 75 min,

temperature 120 C°





At the moment there are two types of “Halal” product conserves produced by the Company:

§   100 % beef meat
  • Minced beef meat in tomatoe sauce



100 % beef meat


  • Beef meat 100%
  • salt;
  • Black pepper


Minced beef meat in tomatoe sauce


  • Beef meat 70%;
  • Tomatoe sauce (water 13.9%, tomatoe pasta 13.9%, sugar 1.8%, flour 0.4%);
  • salt;
  • Black pepper.



In the nearest future the Company intends to start to produce meat conserves from wild animals – deer’s “Halal” meat, as well as different types of sausages and smoked meat.





mob.: +371 26048958; +371

Rīga, Latvija